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Sachin wins Cricinfo Test batting award

Posted by Athul Jayachandran | Labels: , | Posted On Monday, February 20, 2012 at 9:01 PM

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Indian cricket fans have one more reason to cheer as Sachin Tendulkar has bagged the prestigious ESPN Cricinfo Test batting award for 2011 for his 146 at South Africa, 2011 January. We congragulate Sachin Tendulkar on adding another feather to his cap, but i feel that Dravid deserved this one more for his heroics against England.

BCCI to pay 413 crores as tax to Income tax department

Posted by Athul Jayachandran | Labels: , | Posted On at 8:56 PM

Rahul Dravid
No other sports organization is as popular and wealthy as the BCCI, The Board of Cricket Control in India is all set to pay a whooping sum of 413 crores as tax to the income tax department. The BCCI has only paid 41 crores as now, which is just 10 % of the total amount to be paid. It is said that BCCI has made about 963 crore rupees as revenue during the last financial year.

The big question that remains is whether BCCI will be able to pay the dues in time instead of going mad over the retirement of legends.
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