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'Why Dravid is my favourite cricketer' - an Article

Posted by Athul Jayachandran | Labels: | Posted On Saturday, January 07, 2012 at 5:05 AM

Rahul Dravid
An article written by K77Sujith at gem of an article if you admire Rahul Sharad Dravid.

"Coming from India, I am sure it surprises many that I haven’t mentioned my favourite cricketer as Sachin Tendulkar. Make no mistake, I am a huge fan of the Little Master and I hope there would never come a time when he decides to call it quits. However, there is one man who has always been in the shadows of Saurav Ganguly and Tendulkar, one who has quietly and religiously gone about his business – ‘The Wall’ Rahul Dravid. Despite being recognized as one of the most mentally strong cricketers the game has ever seen, he has always preferred to stay away from the spotlight and let his performances do the talking. Dravid, along with Ganguly, burst onto the scene with his brilliant batting efforts in a Test match at Lord’s against England in 1996. He exhibits brilliant batting technique, be it defence or offence and is supremely sincere and dedicated to his craft. Dravid has constantly improved his technique over the years and has adapted to the different modes of the game. Like the Little Master, Dravid is a highly disciplined cricketer who has seldom been embroiled in controversy. Dravid is a hard-as-nails gentleman who commands respect on the field, not just from his team-mates but from the opposition as well. Ask Allan Donald! "

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