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Posted by Athul Jayachandran | | Posted On Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 1:51 PM

Rahul Dravid- A Biography

Here Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid is seen Inagurating sales

of The Book"RAHUL DRAVID - A BIOGRAPHY",written by

Vedam Jaishankar on January 2004

The Book


Cost-Rs 200



Noted cricket writer Vedam Jaishankar's biography of Rahul Sharad Dravid is a must-read for the eat-cricket, sleep-cricket, drink-cricket buffs. It throws insight into the life of the shy young boy from Bangalore who went on to become the "Great Wall of Indian Cricket".
The writer's proximity to the player has proved handy in data collection. The book which runs to 168 pages is an account of Dravid's meticulous rise from a school boy to the vice-captain of the Indian team, not to mention becoming the most reliable batsman, earning sobriquets like Mr Consistent, Mr Dependable etc.
Stats gurus can take pleasure from his statistical accomplishments narrated right from the first-class level. And for the aestheticians' delight, there are photographs right from his childhood to his recent marriage.
The book illustrates his humble beginnings, his various trials and tribulations with "the wise men" who at one stage kept him out of the ODI squad dubbing him as too slow in the shorter version of the game.
The way he volunteered to take up wicketkeeping in a school game shows his determination to excel under all trying circumstances, while the fact that he is still forced to don the big gloves remains an irony.
His fighting qualities have been glorified throughout the book, the highlights being; the way he used to prepare at the KSCA Stadium's 'steps' to negotiate the bouncy tracks overseas, his undying enthusiasm in learning the trade and the manner in which he used to run from coaching classes to school and back to coaching class etc.

It shows how he made it to the top, while others like his best pal Fazal Khaleel (together with whom he played right from the school days to the Zonal level) and Sujit Somasundar couldn't. His rapport with Fazal Khaleel, which at times turned too sensitive, presents interesting reading.

In addition to his own comments, quotable quotes of his colleagues, teammates, family members etc add to the value of this masterpiece. The book that was released recently will now attract a beeline of readers in the wake of his heroics Down Under.



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