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A Lucky Day

Posted by Athul Jayachandran | | Posted On Monday, April 24, 2006 at 9:14 AM

yeah today was my lucky day.Yesterday i visited a big Rahul Dravid website( i posted a comment on the guest book of the site,they asked e-mail address and i gave it.then yesterday when i opened my mail i saw a messeage from the owner saying thanks for visiting the siteand giving a comment.Then i decide to mail them back with this:

"Athul Jayachandran to prash More options Apr 23
Hi my name is Athul...
have u guys met dravid in person???
hi i opened a blogsite on Rahul Dravid...(
would u mind giving me some suggestions to improve it???
And u guys are doing a gr8 job
I would like to be a team member if u can make me
best of luck for ur site.....

Today morning i got this reply from the owner Prash
"p r ä s h å n t h • to me More options 10:02 m (7 hours ago)
Hi Athul,Yeah we've met Rahul several times.

We made the site almost 7 years back andhaven't updated it in a long time.
Infact it's dead. Thanks for the msg..your page is nice too.
Feel free to use any material you want from my site(articles, pics)

I couldnt believe he said my page was good..........
Please post comments too.......


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