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Rahul Dravid and Shane Warne to guide the Rajasthan Team

Posted by Athul Jayachandran | Labels: , | Posted On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 4:48 AM

The first winners of the prestigious IPL tournament were in doubt for this season for violation in agreement along with Kings XI Punjab,However court decided that they can play but will have a reduced budget of $ 7.1 million to $9Million of the other teams and hence the team had just bought 7 players in the auction,where as teams like Royal Challenger's Bangalore bought about 15,Now the rest of the 22 player's could be uncapped player's.The franchise is relying on ace batsmen Rahul Dravid and Shane Warne to bring in fresh talent to the squad.

"All these Indian boys can have Dravid as a mentor.The strategy is to have a blend of youth and experience. That is what delivered for us in season one. Yusuf [Pathan] was not the star he is now. [Ravindra] Jadeja was not the star he is now. They have all delivered for us and done extremely well." Raghu Iyer, spokesperson for Rajasthan, said.
Rahul Dravid batting for Royal Challenger's Bangalore

Rajasthan is aiming to bring in flesh blood from indian cricket,and youngster's who sign up with them has a greater chance of playing games rather than sitting out watching older and experienced players play.The team has this to their advantage,The team will be looking forward to get a good wicket keeper as they failed to buy one in the auction.No idea if RD would go in as a keeper,I know he would do anything to support his team,But it would be good for him if he didn't so that he can concentrate more on his batting.


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